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Protect your home – treat your wastewater.

Did you receive your 3 year inspection notice from your county? You have options! Pumping is not always necessary. Let us inspect your tank in your presence and show you how your system is performing.

 If the amount of solids in your tank is below one third your tank is performing as designed. It is in your best interest to let the bacteria that is already in your tank do the job it is suppose to do. Leave it there rather than pump it out. Your tank is like your car. A car will not run without fuel. Your septic tank will not work properly without bacteria.

NO charge for tanks that do not pass inspection.

Our work is guaranteed and if your tank does not pass we do not charge. The cost is 70% less than having a pumping truck. We have certified inspectors to do the job that will save you dollars. Call us today at 608-386-4155.

Call the best – inspections by county-licensed experts.

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Don’t wait to get your tank inspected! Call 608-386-4155.

Septic Inspectors - Home - West Salem,  WI   54669 Septic Inspectors - Home - West Salem,  WI   54669

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